Our facility management services quality is the result of our complex approach to the organization in terms of its activities, health, safety and environmental protection. Therefore, WFMC is the best choice for organizations that aspire to excellence. The solutions proposed by WFMC are optimized for each client, depending on specific needs.

Technical maintenance

Technical maintenance

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance by using CAFM for all technical equipment
  • Processing and regular updating the maintenance plans
  • Analysis of energy consumption and proposals for energy efficiency
  • Management of outsourced services
  • Establishing the operating costs of the building - analysis, proposals to reduce costs
  • Our expert team can provide a full range of services, from organising the auction process, through to implementation.

Property Management

  • Management of lease agreements
  • Management of contracts with suppliers
  • Billing system (revenue / expenditure)
  • Management service charge
  • Sending notifications / information
  • Sending periodic reports
Property Management


  • Security and intervention
  • Control access and parking management
  • Values transportation
  • Intervention and fire safety: fire extinguishers, hydrants, and safety signs
  • We strongly believe that the only way we can add real value is to focus on every detail regarding our customers' needs.

Administrative services

  • Reception
  • Help desk 24/7
  • Logistics Services
  • Manage of the acquisitions
Administrative services
Cleaning and related services

Cleaning and related services

  • Indoor and outdoor cleaning
  • Outdoor areas maintenance during winter
  • Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance
  • Waste management: collection, sorting, and storage
  • Prevention, detection and destruction of harmful insects and rodents


Our company provide prevention and control of emergencies, fire recovery and window cleaning for the buildings we manage.


Some of the benefits of implementing an integrated management system for building owners are: effective control of different systems in the building, possibility of individual consumer billing, immediate alert in case of emergencies, longer life span of the building, residents satisfaction.
In terms of building occupants, integrated management system benefits include: monitoring of the interior comfort, rectifying building failures in a short time, increasing employee productivity, reducing costs maintenance.


  • SR EN ISO 9001/2008 – Quality Management
  • SR EN ISO 14001/2005 – Environmental Management System
Also, WFMC is ANRE certified for testing equipment and electrical installations and implementing low and medium voltage installations up to 0.4 kV.